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Amron Investments is a Montreal-based private mortgage company that specializes in providing innovative financial solutions to individuals and business people. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their real estate goals by providing flexible and personalized loan options. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and works closely with our clients to understand their situation and offer them creative solutions that perfectly meet their needs. Whether you're looking to buy a new home or income property, refinance an existing mortgage, or access the equity built up on your property, Amron Investments is here to help. Let us help you achieve your real estate dreams and goals today.

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Our company was founded in 1998, initially investing and managing the private properties of its founder. The company then acquired a considerable real estate portfolio in the region of Montreal and surrounding areas, consisting mainly of income properties. Gradually, due to very strong demand, the company began to develop its niche in private real estate loans, making it its main activity since 2017.

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We quickly realized that the banks were not responding adequately to the needs of investors and that their overly tight and rigid framework was inappropriate for many of them. Thus, several credible investors whose plan was perfectly feasible with a very reasonable risk were refused financing by the banks. Moreover, the enormous growth of private mortgage loans in recent years bears witness to this phenomenon. The population has understood... and so have we.

Therefore, our process has been simplified to the maximum in order to allow our clients to have quick and easy access to the funds necessary for the realization of their real estate project. Our criteria are flexible and adaptable to each situation. Each customer is unique. Each file or project is analyzed in a specific way and evaluated according to the particular conditions of the client, the property and the market, all with a realistic vision. Tell yourself that if we refuse to grant you a mortgage loan, your project probably has more chances of failure than success and that you should reevaluate your investment project.

We offer private first and second mortgage loans on properties of all kinds, including vacant lots, in the greater Montreal region, the Laurentians and surrounding areas.

Our primary goal is to see you succeed, which will encourage you to come back to see us for other projects and to build a lasting relationship of mutual trust. So your success becomes ours. Whatever the situation, we will always look for a solution to get you out of trouble, not to sink you.

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Our Goals:

-  Simplify the process as much as possible

- Not let you miss any opportunity by making funds accessible very quickly

- Give you easy access to the full potential of your property allowing you to exploit it

Our main tool:

No fancy technology or software. Just OUR VAST EXPERIENCE in Real Estate

We have developed an extensive network of resources including brokers, real estate experts, analysts, notaries, experienced real estate investors, appraisers, etc.

The founder of Amron Investments is a real estate investor himself with more than 35 years of experience and knows the field perfectly.

It should be noted that each loan file must obtain the final approval of the founder of Amron Investments to go ahead.

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Amron Investments also put together a bank of Investors-Lenders for those of you that do have available funds to lend to others and that want to take advantage of the superior return rates in the private mortgage market. In fact, Mortgage loans are amongst the most secure investments because your money is guaranteed by a registered mortgage on a real estate property. No other invesment can provide such a security except buying an actual property. 

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