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Take advantage of the equity in your property 

to pay for major expenses such as renovations, repairs, debts, etc.

Reason for the loan:

Buy a property
Bridge Loan
Debt Consolidation
Financial Emergency
Unforeseen need

Major contruction project

Type Of Loan

1st rank Mortgage

2nd rank Mortgage

Whether you are an individual looking to buy your first home or an active real estate entrepreneur looking to develop a major project, we are here to help you achieve your ambitions.
New house owner couple

Type of property:

Single family home
Multiplex (15 units or less)
Revenu Property (16 units and more)
Commercial or Semi-Commercial property

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Greater Montreal area
North Shore
South Shore
House construction project

Loan conditions:

Up to 75% of the property value (Loan to Value ratio)

We can finance from $25,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the project

Our terms vary from 3 to 18 months

Amron Investments loans are short-term loans. The interest rates of private mortgages are higher than those of banks and must therefore be considered as transitional, temporary loans, while waiting to be able to carry out your project and obtain conventional financing from a traditional financial institution. This is why the terms do not exceed 18 months.

Interest rates vary from 10 to 18%, depending on the rank, type of property, market conditions and other factors. 

Amron Investments rates are very competitive in the private lending market. Note that the above rates are given as a guide only and may vary depending on loan conditions and risk factors. We assess each file individually based on the market or economic value of your property and not on your credit report or your ability to pay.

Private lenders rates are higher than those of banks because they take risks that banks are not willing to take. On the other hand, they allow you to carry out projects that would not be possible with a traditional bank.

Commercial building
Vacant Land
Monthly payments: Interest only

Amron Investments mortgages are structured so that you only pay monthly interest for the term of the loan. When you reimburse your loan at the end of the term, you only pay the initial capital you borrowed.

Standard Loan Commitment fee: 2%.

Certain administrative fees may be applicable depending on the circumstances.

When applying, you must also plan for appraisal, notary and title insurance costs.

At Amron Investments, we have a policy of full transparency. When you sign up for a mortgage, all fees will be disclosed to you and clearly explained. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Business contract signing

Without any obligation on your part

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